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Company Profile Viewing that insufficient knowledge of vibration and great dependency on import vibration tester have cost domestic companies with tremendous expenditure without proper service by foreign suppliers, VIBRATION SOURCE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has been devoting into vibration research field starting from 1995 until now for nearly 2 decades to serve domestic companies in electronics industries, aerospace industry and vehicles components industry.
Our business involve in:
A. Designing and Manufacturing various types of vibration tester.
B. Manufacturing various types of shock tester, drop tester and measuring system.
C. Designing and Manufacturing various types of packaging and bouncing tester.
D. Analyzing, Designing and Manufacturing fixtures for vibration test.
E. Commissioned test on industrial components assigned from clients
F Selling business on related equipments.
G. Analyzing and providing solutions for technical problems from tester.
H. Designing, Manufacturing and Selling sensors, power amplifiers and excitation system.
  In an attempt to benefit the domestic and foreign customers in automobile industry and electronics industries with quality service, we collaborate with Industrial Technology Research Institute(Taiwan) to elevate the level of domestic vibration testing technique, to develop continuously new vibration technology, and to diversify the tester categories. For 2 decades dedication in improvement, we have served and received acknowledgement of our quality from industrial companies and research institutes as ASUSTeK Computer Inc., Micro Star International Corporation, GIGABITE Technology, LiteOn Technology Corporation, Inventec Besta Corporation, DEPO AUTO PARTS IND. Corporation, Chi Lin Technology Corporation, Bureau of Standards Metrology and Inspection, M.O.E.A (Taiwan) the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tatung University(Taiwan) and etc... In the future we will further upgrade the production efficiency and conduct new technological innovation to assure our customers of best quality in products and service.
  Viewing that insufficient knowledge in applying vibration tester and measuring system has cost industries with enormous expenditure, VIBRATION SOURCE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD was established in 1995 to provide service to industries with reasonable price. We continuously conduct deep research in the design and manufacturing stage of testers production and cumulate tremendous knowledge and experience. Our 4 quality policies: BEST VIBRATION QUALITY, PRECISION IN EQUIPMENT, SCIENTIFIC MANAGEMENT, TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION are the keystone for our superior level of production and reputation
  We were credited for ISO9001:2000 on Dec, 2002 as the first certified professional vibration, shock manufacturer.
  We were credited for ISO9001:2000 on Dec, 2002 as the first certified professional vibration, shock manufacturer.
  The certification of ISO9001:2000 proves the reliability in our products and confirms our research and design capability is competitive in domestic and international market.
  Vibration Source Technology Co., LTD. was awarded a certificate for Vibration Calibration Laboratory system based on ISO/IEC 17025 TAF on Sep., 2011. The calibration range shows here, LAB 2465.
  Viewing that the trend of Taiwan industries expansion into China, we also establish divisions in SHANGHAI and DONGGUAN and arrange regular visits by our senior engineers to serve Taiwanese and China industries.
  Our future goal: We continue to apply the Accelerometer Calibration and Vibration Testing of TAF lab-certification in order to satisfy more customers' requests. To cope with market change and various consumer’s demands, our research department is developing multi-product lines for customized service.

  No.29, Ln. 65, Sanjun St., Shulin City, Taipei County 238, Taiwan (R.O.C.) TEL:(02) 2688-0999FAX:(02)2688-0977
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